Brain Games

Introducing Mind-controlled Mobile Games 🧠

Attentify will launch our Kickstarter soon! Help us bring mind-controlled brain games into the hands of millions of children! Sign up and be the first to know. 


Turn screentime into focused play.

Imagine a game that changes difficulty and dynamics based on the childs immediate brain activity. Attentify wants to connect our own brain scanner to our mobile games and create mind-controlled brain games!

Our brain scanner

Attentify allows children and their parents to track the brain activity during focused play, homework or other activities. Our brain scanner, powered by Curvex, converts brain signals into easily understandable metrics such as focus and mental effort in real time! Now we are asking for your help to be able to afford connecting our brain scanner to mobile games!

Brain Gaming

Imagine having more time to think, if you remain calm under pressure.


Mental effort


Short term memory


Spacial rotation



The story behind

The Danish ADHD Association recently announced that 4 out of 10 children don’t complete primary school due to difficulties with ADHD. This was so shocking for us that we decided to focus our efforts on preliminary testing with children who have ADHD. We even got to go on Danish National TV with one of these children and her father, to discuss the challenges they face on a daily basis as well as showcase our technology. 


Our goal

Turning screentime into focused play

With this Kickstarter campaign, Attentify aims to create a number of Brain Games that exercise focus ability and various other cognitive skills to help children with ADHD. These skills will include memory, spatial rotation, impulse control, meditation, object selection, and recognition. With these Brain Games, we hope to encourage all children and their parents to turn screentime into focused play to help them in school and at home.

EEG explained

A safe clinically established technology



Our brain scanner is able to monitor and measure brain activity and electrical signals across multiple frequencies: gamma, beta, alfa, theta and delta.



The headset is connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth just like a pair of music headphones.



EEG is a non-invasive and clinically established technology also used by the Danish health care system. EEG can interpret electrical signals in the brain.



The electrodes in our brain scanner are passive meaning they only measure signals from the brain. It does not inject any harmful electrical signals into the brain.