We work for a future where where all children learn through focused play! 


Our Vision

Create equal opportunity for children with ADHD

Attentify was created to help families with ADHD through science based tools, toys and games. We want to create an easier everyday here and now, but at the same time, we want to flip the story about this diagnosis. We want ADHD to be seen as a strength and a potential in an individual instead of a disability. 


Our Mission

Through focus tools, toys and games

Our mission is to provide families with information about the brain and develop new tools, toys and games to support cognitive development. We think that all children could benefit from more focused play.


Our Values

Until every child diagnosed with ADHD is celebrated.

Our values is also our mindset: The world needs more curiosity and diversity. We are all different and we should stop putting people in boxes just because of a diagnosis. We want to create hope for every new child diagnosed with ADHD and celebrate our differences!