Dear Parents

Welcome to Attentify! We are a Danish mental health company on a mission to help all families with ADHD. We provide parents with free learning material, toys and games for focused play.


ADHD at home

A lot of parents struggle to create the best possible conditions for their children at home.

As parents, we want to create the best possible conditions to help our children thrive! However, ADHD come with frustrations and sometimes lack of support from the local municipality, school, etc.

2-3% of all Danish school children are diagnosed with ADHD. With the right guidance and knowledge about how your child reacts in certain situations, your child can learn to control the diagnosis. Attentify wants to help your child achieve control through our neuro tools, toys and games. 


How to use Attentify

Measure, plan and improve your child’s focus

  • Buy or lease a headset

    This is to be able to track and train the brain

  • Start to track activities

    Wear the headset while doing homework or meditation

  • Turn screentime into focused play

    Our Brain Games train the focus and calmness of your child

  • Follow the cognitive progression

    Watch how your child progress using our app


Help your child develop social skills

Social skills and healthy relations is the key to thriving.

Your child might experience lack of impulse control and this can affect social life. When children know how to differentiate feelings and behaviour, they can learn how to control their impulses. A child needs to learn that the feeling of anger is natural, however one can not simply hit others or destroy things. Another challenge can be the ability to sit still and listen to others. Social skills are necessary for children to play together in harmony. Our tools, toys and games help train your child’s ability to handle impulses and focus on the present.

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