Toys and games

 Developed for focused play


Neuro Spider

Can you make the spider walk with your mind?

Our Neuro Spider is powered by focus level! The more you focus the faster it walks. Race your friends or test for how long you can keep a high level of concentration. Regular focused play with the neuro spider can help your child redirect hyperactivity and be more present in social settings.

Mobile application

Work with your focus and calmness levels and track your progression with our free Curvex EEG Neuro Tracker. 

Training your brain should be fun! With our mobile application for both iPhone and Android, families can track their focus and calmness levels as they do chores, homework or play games. Together with the Curvex Neo Pro brain scanner, one can track the progression between sessions and dive into brain activity visualisations to better understand what happens in the brain while performing different activities. 

Download CURVEX EEG Neuro-Tracker